SGLC3606L4XX - GE 600 Amp 3 Pole 600 Volt Bolt-On Molded Case Circuit Breaker

by GE
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SGLC3606L4XX - GE Bolt-On Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Spectra RMS molded case circuit breakers with microEntelliGuardTM trip units (SG600 and SK1200) offer flexible system protection, metering and communication options required on the most advanced electrical systems. Fully adjustable time-current curves (with three long-time curve shapes; MVT I2t, CB, and Fuse I4t) and optional protective relays provide optimal system coordination and protection. In addition to standard metering, the microEntelliGuardTM trip units are available with ground fault alarm, Reduced Energy Let-Through (RELT), Zone Selective Interlocking (ST/GF/INST), neutral protection, waveform capture, programmable output contacts, advanced metering and direct Modbus communications for integration with EnerVista Viewpoint power system monitoring software. The microEntelliGuardTM trip unit uses the same universal rating plugs and test kit offered for the EntelliGuard TU trip unit as well as common internal accessories used across the entire Spectra RMS family of molded case circuit breakers.


  • Trip Style: Interchangeable
  • Frame Type: SG600
  • Amperage: 225 A, 250 A, 300 A, 350 A, 400 A, 450 A, 500 A, 600 A
  • Poles: 3
  • System Voltage: 120 Vac, 120/240 Vac, 240 Vac, 277 Vac, 480 Vac, 600 Vac
  • 120 Vac Interrupting Rating: 100 KAIC
  • 120/240 Vac Interrupting Rating: 100 KAIC
  • 240 Vac Interrupting Rating: 100 KAIC
  • 277 Vac Interrupting Rating: 65 KAIC
  • 480 Vac Interrupting Rating: 65 KAIC
  • 600 Vac Interrupting Rating: 65 KAIC
  • Trip Function: LSIG
  • Trip Indication Target: Yes
  • Continuous Current Rated: Standard
  • Suitable for Reverse Feed: Yes
  • Lugs: TCLK 365
  • Long Time: Adjustable
  • Short Time: Adjustable or Off
  • Instantaneous: Adjustable
  • Ground Fault: Yes
  • Ground Fault Alarm: No
  • Neutral Protection: No
  • Zone Selective Interlock: No
  • Reduced Energy Let-Through: No
  • Current Metering: Yes
  • Communications: No
  • Waveform Capture: No
  • Protective Relays: No
  • Special Markings: HACR
  • GSA Compliance: No
  • Authentic General Electric Product
  • 3 phase

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